Parish News & Information

Our parish office will be moving to the Parish Center, 25 North Whittlesey Ave., next to Holy Trinity School. This move will help our transition forward to becoming one Parish.

Office Hours:

Mondays: 9-2pm @ OLoF campus

Tuesdays—Fridays: 9-3pm @ Parish Center

The Faith Formation Office will remain @ OLoF until further notice.

Please don’t forget about our monthly food drive for Master’s Manna!

Urgent items: cereal, peanut butter, jelly, rice, noodle or potato side dishes (come dry in the packets),

For kids- the 4 packs of fruit cups, granola bars or fruit bars, individual sized snack packs(chips, pretzels), juice boxes.

Any kind of non perishable is welcomed- regular sizes instead of giant sizes is best!

Thank you!

Mass Schedule

Mass Schedule

Weekday Masses: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday -7:45 a.m.

Weekend Masses: Saturday evening - 4:00 pm

Sunday morning - 8:30 am and 10:30 am

We are excited to be able to re-connect with our parishioners and their families – WELCOME HOME!

As of March 1, 2021 Our Lady of Fatima and Most Holy Trinity are linked.

Fr. Andres Mendoza, Pastor, assisted by Fr. Eduar Gutierrez, Parochial Vicar, and Fr. Matthew Collins, Parochial Vicar.

This linkage will be followed by merger of the two parishes (and a later merger with the Church of the Resurrection). For the parishioners of all three parishes, this is a major turning point. All have had their own separate parish histories of worship and service and sacrificial support by parishioners. Now, we are being asked to embrace a new vision as members of one parish across the whole town, and to create a new history together with eventually three campuses.

A transition team has formed to plan the merger of Our Lady of Fatima and Most Holy Trinity, assisted by the pastoral planning department of the Archdiocese.

May God bless the Catholic community of Wallingford!